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Studies show that firefighters may have a greater risk of some types of cancer due to their exposure to smoke and hazardous chemicals on the fireground. Many of these studies did not include volunteer firefighters or enough female or non-white firefighters to draw conclusions about their cancer risk. The NFR was created  to address these knowledge gaps. The NFR will collect information from a large and diverse population of firefighters, with representation from previously understudied groups. Therefore, it will be possible to study cancer risk among different groups of firefighters.

In 2010, NIOSH researchers, with funding assistance from the U.S. Fire Administration launched a multi-year study to examine whether firefighters have a higher risk of cancer and other causes of death due to job exposures. Our study was designed to address the limitations of previous firefighter cancer research.  Visit this site to access a wide variety of resources. 

Cancer Prevention in Action (CPiA) is a program that works to promote positive changes in our local community to improve the overall health in the places we work, study and play. CPiA is dedicated to Taking Action Against Cancer by partnering with schools, daycares, parks, medical offices and other businesses and organizations to implement policies and strategies to build awareness and promote cancer prevention.

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