Our Mission

The Schenectady Firefighters Cancer Foundation was founded in 2012 after two of our own were diagnosed with cancer. Our ongoing mission is to provide members of the Schenectady Fire Department and their families assistance when dealing with cancer. We strive to provide comfort, strength, and hope in dealing with the devastating effects of cancer through education, advocacy, and financial assistance.

All board members of the Foundation are full-time Schenectady firefighters who donate their time and effort to continue the mission of the Foundation. Prevention is possible. The Schenectady Firefighters Cancer Foundation encourages and facilitates best practices to limit exposure to both firefighters and their family members.

We bring to our members the most cutting edge opportunity for screening, prevention, and education.

Our Board

Aimee Keough – Director
Nate Kuhl – Asst. Director
John Falotico – Secretary
Andrew Decocco – Treasurer
Matt March – Chair Trustee
Thomas Schettine – Trustee
James Raucci – Trustee
Ashley Schnore – Trustee

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